About Us


Shapes Uniforms is a full service uniform manufacturer based in Mumbai.

We undertake all aspects of uniforms from Designing, Material Sourcing, Measurements, Manufacturing and Distribution. We take great care to ensure timely delivery, while maintaining the highest quality at a reasonable price.

We have workshops in Mumbai with in-house designers and a team of experienced workmen. We have the latest and best quality machinery which allows us to handle large production capacity of garments.

Shapes Uniforms was started in 2013 for providing services of uniforms and costumes for all industries.

We specialise in making all kinds of uniforms including Shirts, Trousers, Waist-coats, Aprons, T-shirts, Caps, Belts, Boiler Suits, Safety Shoes, Safety Jackets etc. We also undertake designing of costumes for Events, Computerised Logos, Digital Colour Prints etc.

In the past years, we have undertaken designing and manufacturing uniforms for various industries.

In a short span of time we have secured orders from many large clients due to our commitment to quality, and assurance of timely delivery. Several of our clients have appreciated the organised manner in which we managed the delivery and distribution.